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What is Cryo Technology?

This procedure crystallises fat cells, which then self-destruct due to the cold temperature. The crystallised fat is removed naturally and permanently by your body in the weeks following the session, giving way to enhanced curves.

This innovative technique is safe and effective; it is non invasive and requires no anesthesia.You can continue with your normal activities immediately after the session.

CRISTAL® offers a range of several different applicators to handle all the curves of the body, for both men and women who want to optimise body contouring:

  • Abdomen
  • Love Handles / Muffin Top
  • Saddle Bags
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Arms
  • Chin

After 8 weeks, the result will be optimal and definitive; you will be able to enjoy your new curves!

CRISTAL® is the reference in medical cryolipolysis.
Don’t wait to find out!

Is the CRISTAL® treatment for you?

Yes, if you are looking for a gentle and effective method to safely harmonise
your natural shape.

Yes, if you are looking for a comfortable method for losing your unsightly fat rolls.


1. Measuring fat fold

Before the first session, it is important to take pictures of the patient, as well as to measure the fat fold using a caliper and a meter. Following this review, you can define treatment parameters or select one of the pre-registered protocols, to achieve patient goals.

2. Application of a wipe pre-impregnated with cryoprotective gel

Once the patient is ready, apply the cryoprotective pad to the treated area. In order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the session, it is essential to only use the CRISTAL pads that have been specifically developed and tested for medical cryolipolysis.

3. Setting up of the applicators & beginning of aspiration and cooling

Next, apply the applicator, the vacuum system pulls the fat fold into place inside the applicator and a homogeneous cooling begins. Regarding the AMETHYST applicator, specific for flat areas, there is no suction and it is held in position with specific straps. CRISTAL allows 2 applicators to be used simultaneously.

4. Relax during your CRISTAL session

One session lasts about 60 minutes, during which time the patient can relax, listen to music or read. This allows you the opportunity to take on other appointments. You just need to check in every 20 minutes, to verify that the session is running smoothly.